Romertopf Clay Bread Pan

Romertopf Clay Bread Pan

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For the crustiest, moistest artisan bread, baking in the Romertopf Clay Bread Pan produces the best results.

Welcome to the world of steam baking! For artisan and Old World breads with a crusty exterior and moist inside, the Romertopf clay bread pan is the pan for you. And steam makes the difference! Baking dough in a wet clay bread mold is the closest thing to a brick oven, where perfect textures and flavors develop through steam baking. While the Romertopf clay bread pan is glazed on the inside to prevent sticking, the clay absorbs enough water during the moistening process to return the moisture back to the baking bread, resulting in a shiny, crispy crust and a soft, moist inside.

The Romertopf pan is usable in the microwave or oven (electric or gas). Measuring 12.4″ in length, 6.3″ in width, and 3.5″ in height, the bread mold will yield a 1.25 lb. loaf. Instructions and a recipe booklet are included. For additional information, visit the Romertopf website.