RSVP Culinary Torch

RSVP Culinary Torch


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Quickly caramelize sugar on tarts or creme brulee with the RSVP Culinary Torch.

The RSVP Culinary Torch is one of my favorite kitchen tools! When you need just a few moments worth of intense heat, and turning on the broiler seems like overkill, the culinary torch should be on hand. Use it for caramelizing sugar on creme brulee or tarts, or for adding a touch of color on pie meringues. Flaming desserts will ignite quickly with the torch right at your table.

This dessert torch is something every baker should have in their kitchen. Made by RSVP, it is fueled by butane. (Refill access is at the bottom). The torch has an easy on/off trigger, efficient flame adjustment lever, and a safety lock when it’s not in use. It stands 5-1/2″ tall, and has a textured rubber body that makes handling easy and safe. It will burn up to two hours on one 2 oz. refill. For further information, visit RSVP online. And don’t forget to order refills of butane (SKU 50.T-Fuel).