RSVP Nonstick Scrubber

RSVP Nonstick Scrubber


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Th RSVP Nonstick Scrubber is the best thing since sliced bread!

The RSVP nonstick scrubber is probably one of my best selling items. My customers absolutely love them: They buy them by the dozen and generously hand them out to family and friends, or even stuff them in Christmas stockings. The RSVP nonstick scrubber is 5″ x 4″. It is a tough, abrasive pad that cleans anything from glass-top stoves, porcelain,stoneware, and nonstick cookware without scratching. It will even remove burnt-on food from stoves with a bit of cleanser without scratching. The scrubber can be cleaned in the dishwasher in between uses. When the silvery exterior has worn off, I re-purpose the scrubber to clean my bird baths! For further information, visit RSVP online.