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Savarin Mold


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The Savarin Mold can be used for a variety of foods – from salads to desserts.

If you have a Savarin Mold, or received one handed down to you from your grandmother, you are among the fortunate. The Savarin Mold is one of those pans in which you can prepare a mousse, a jello mold, an ice cream cake, or the rich, yeasty cake for which it is best known. For those rich French cakes imbued with liquors and filled with cream, the non-stick savarin mold promises an easy release of your beautiful dessert creation.

One of the great things about this cake pan is that once your recipe is unmolded, there is a rather large hole in the middle of the ring. That “vacancy” gives you the opportunity to use your imagination to fill it with something that pairs deliciously with your recipe. An unmolded ice cream cake would be lovely with fresh fruit in the center. The center of a yeast, liquor-soaked cake might be filled with a pastry cream and fruit.

Measuring 9-1/2″ in diameter, the Savarin Mold is made by Gobel, a manufacturer of bakeware in France for more than 100 years. For further information, visit Gobel online.