Stainless Steel 3-cup Measuring Pan

Stainless Steel 3-cup Measuring Pan


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The Stainless Steel 3-cup Measuring Pan is a serious little heavyweight.

When you want only a small amount of something heated up, our stainless steel 3-cup measuring pan would be the one you reach for. Measuring 5″ in diameter, this little pan has a 3-cup capacity, a perfect size for melting butter, warming maple syrup, gravy, or a small serving of soup. With a pouring spout on one side, the pan has measure marks of 1/2 cup, 1 cup, 2 cups, and 3 cups on the inside. A 6″ handle is affixed with two rivets. It is the perfect tool for measuring and then taking right to the stovetop for cooking. The stainless steel measuring pan is dishwasher safe. For additional information, visit the RSVP website.