Steamed Pudding Mold

Steamed Pudding Mold


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You will need the Steamed Pudding Mold for making Christmas plum pudding.

The Steamed Pudding Mold is the dessert mold that steams the famous Figgy Pudding or Christmas plum pudding (or chocolate pudding, or carrot pudding…). Made in the European Union, the 5-cup tinned mold is deep with fluted sides and a decorative swirled bottom, which becomes the top when unmolded. A cylindrical cone in the middle of the mold allows heat to better circulate, helping to cook the dense pudding more evenly. A handle on the lid allows you to pull the pudding out of the simmering water in which it steams.

The pudding should emerge in an elegant-looking form, and waiting for a hard sauce to be ladled over it and served to eagerly expectant guests. Be sure to butter the steamed pudding mold and sprinkle it with sugar before filling it.