Swiss Diamond Covered Sauce Pan

Swiss Diamond Covered Sauce Pan


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Available in three sizes, the Swiss Diamond Covered Sauce Pan is a gem!

Customer reviews are the ultimate standard of how products are judged, and the rave reviews are in for the Swiss Diamond Covered Sauce Pan! Customers and the leading consumer magazine again ranked Swiss Diamond as the #1 nonstick cookware. With a “repeat Purchase Rate” of 73%, the secret behind the superiority of Swiss Diamond is the unique physical properties of diamonds – the hardest material known to man – as a composite to form a cooking surface that is guaranteed not to peel, crack or blister. And nothing conducts heat more efficiently or quickly than diamonds.

Customers rave about the sauce pan. It has become the pan of choice for oatmeal, brown rice, or to just warm up some soup.

Made in Switzerland, the sauce pan is constructed of 6mm pressure cast aluminum. It is usable on electric, gas, and ceramic cookware surfaces. The glass lid is heat tempered and, along with the pan (and handle), is oven safe up to 500 degrees. Swiss Diamond cookware is metal utensil and dishwasher safe, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. As cookware goes, this sauce pan is a dream! For further information, visit Swiss Diamond online.