Swiss Diamond Covered Saute Pan

Swiss Diamond Covered Saute Pan





Everything about the Swiss Diamond Covered Sauté Pan will make it a favorite in your kitchen.

The Swiss Diamond Covered Sauté Pan will become the pan you depend on for just about everything. It is the right size for one-pot meals, and a joy to cook in. In fact, the Swiss Diamond brand has consistently been “the star” of tests conducted by the leading U.S. consumer organization…and it is the diamond composite cooking surface that makes the difference. The unique physical properties of diamonds — the hardest material known to man — are formed into a composite that is virtually indestructible and guaranteed not to peel, crack, or blister. Nothing conducts heat more efficiently or quickly than diamonds.

The Swiss Diamond brand has been so successful in our store that, after trying this cookware, several of my customers have returned to purchase additional pieces of this fabulous Swiss-made cookware for their collection. We believe that this kind of response is testimony to the performance of Swiss Diamond.

The glass lid of the sauté pan is metal-rimmed and heat tempered, so that both lid and pan can be used in the oven (the ergonomically designed handle is oven safe up to 500 degrees). Easy to clean, dishwasher safe and metal utensil safe, Swiss Diamond offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects. For further information, visit Swiss Diamond online.