Fondue Forks

Swissmar Fondue Forks




Extra Swissmar Fondue Forks are always good to have on hand for your fondue party.

For extra guests or forks that get lost, it’s always good to have extra Swissmar fondue forks on hand. Made for either meat of cheese fondues, this Swiss-made set of six 10″ forks is crafted of 18/8 stainless steel with heat-resistant plastic handles. Meat and cheese fondue forks are differentiated by the number of prongs. Cheese forks are made with three tines that are slightly curved to hold bread as you dip through fondue, and meat forks are made with two sharp tines (pictured) with additional barbs to hold meat in its place. Each are sold as a set of six. For further information, visit Swissmar online.