Traditional Carving Board

Traditional Carving Board


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The Traditional Carving Board features deep grooves routed in a well and tree pattern.

The Traditional Carving Board is characterized by deep grooves in the board that form a well and tree design. The channels are sloped so that meat juices are directed into the large, deep well. The Traditional Carving Board is a favorite for home chefs who “rest” roasts or poultry before carving so that juices aren’t lost. The Traditional Carving Board is one of the most popular carving boards in the J. K. Adams line of wooden kitchen products.

This solid maple board was harvested and crafted by J. K. Adams from sustainably grown U.S.A. and Canadian hardwoods. J. K. Adams Company has been manufacturing exceptional wood products in Dorset, Vermont since 1944. The Traditional Board, is both beautiful and functional. It measures 20″ x 14″.

Proper care for woodenware will extend the life of the product. The carving board should be hand washed in warm soapy water and dried. An application of a food-safe wood cream is recommended before use. Emmet Elixir wood conditioner (SKU 50.Elixir) is a product we recommend that will give your kitchen woodenware the “drink” it needs. Our recommended “schedule” for conditioning wooden products is to apply it once a week for a month, and once a month for a year. Thereafter, if the product is conditioned whenever it appears to be dry, it promises a lifetime of use. For further information about the Traditional board, visit J. K. Adams online.