Turnabout Wooden Carving Board

Turnabout Wooden Carving Board


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The Turnabout Wooden Carving Board is a favorite for everyday use or for special occasions.

The Turnabout Wooden Carving Board is one of the most popular carving boards in the J. K. Adams line of wooden kitchen products. A unique feature of the Turnabout is that it is reversible. One side is impressed with a “roast holder” that will stabilize the poultry or roast while slicing. The reverse side is a flat carving surface. Each side is edged with a well into which juices can collect. The solid maple board is 20″ x 14″.

J. K. Adams Company has been manufacturing exceptional wooded products in Dorset, Vermont since 1944. The Turnabout Carving Board, like all J. K. Adams products, is both beautiful and functional.

Proper care for woodenware will extend the life of the product. The Turnabout Carving Board should be hand washed in warm soapy water and dried. An application of a food-safe wood cream is recommended before use. Emmet Elixir wood conditioner (SKU 50.Elixir) is a product we recommend that will give your kitchen woodenware the “drink” it needs. Our recommended “schedule” for conditioning wooden products is to apply it once a week for a month, and once a month for a year. Thereafter, if the product is conditioned whenever it appears to be dry, it promises a lifetime of use. For further information about the Turnabout board, visit J. K. Adams online.