Vendome Red Chili Pepper Mill

Vendome Red Chili Pepper Mill


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Add a little extra heat with the Vendome Red Chili Pepper Mill.

The Vendome Red Chili Pepper Mill is the latest addition to the line of Peugeot mills that combine a natural wood stain with acrylic and stainless steel, as shown in the image, in a 5-1/2″ mill.

The Vendome features a patented chili pepper grinding mechanism that is a Peugeot exclusive. This grinder has a pre-cutting system and mechanism that grinds dry chili pepper. Like Peugeot peppercorn mills, the chili pepper mill has a treatment that protects the steel grinder from corrosion while maintaining its sharpness and wear resistance.

To fill the red chili mill, unscrew the knob, remove the top, fill with dried red chili peppers, and screw the knob back on. Turn the knob counter clockwise to grind more coarsely, and clockwise to grind more finely. It is recommended that the Vendome mill live in a dry place, away from humid conditions. The Vendome should be used only for grinding dehydrated chili peppers. It should not be used for chili paste or fresh chili. Peugeot offers a lifetime warranty on its mechanism. For further information, visit Peugeot online.