Westmark Spatzle Press

Westmark Spatzle Press

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The Westmark Spatzle Press is the best tool for making Spatzle noodles and potatoes.

The Westmark Spatzle Press is a beautiful tool with an ergonomic design for ease of use. Use this large capacity press for making “Spatzle” noodles, purees, ricing potatoes, and as a fruit press.

Made in Germany, this authentic Westmark tool is constructed of epoxy-coated aluminum and is 16-1/2″ in length. The grooves in the handle guarantee a safe hold on pots and bowls of different sizes. The holes in the cup are designed in the classic layout. When filling the container, be sure it is filled to only a finger width below the rim. The Spatzle Press dismantles for easy cleaning by removing the axle pin. Dishwasher safe. A recipe for Spatzle noodles is enclosed. The Spatzle Press is an authentic Westmark tool. For more information about Westmark products, visit Westmark online.