Wire Strainer with Bamboo Handle

Wire Strainer With Bamboo Handle


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Safely scoop and drain foods with the Wire Strainer with Bamboo Handle.

Nicknamed “The Spider” because of its web-like design, the Wire Strainer with Bamboo Handle has a durable 5″ or 7″ diameter stainless steel basket. The heat-resistant natural bamboo handle makes it sturdy, light, and easy to use. The handle on the smaller (5″) basket is 9-1/2″ in length; on the larger (7″) it is 11-1/2″. The wire strainer scoops up quickly and drains food thoroughly. Use it for scooping boiled eggs, vegetables, or pasta out of a hot pan, or for removing food from a wok. Made by Helen’s Asian Kitchen, the wire strainer is dishwasher safe. For further information, visit Helen’s Asian Kitchen online.