Wireless Thermometer with Remote Pager

Wireless Thermometer with Remote Pager


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With the Wireless Thermometer with Remote Pager, you no longer need to stand around the kitchen worrying about the doneness of your food.

The Wireless Thermometer With Remote Pager and timer allows you to leave the kitchen knowing that your food will turn out perfectly every time. Some of the features of the wireless thermometer are:

* Two pre-alert signals will let you know when food is nearing the targeted temperature.
* Receive a remote completion signal (light, sound, and vibration), up to 200 feet away, that food is done to your desired taste.
* The wireless thermometer has a temperature range of 32 degrees F. to 450 degrees F.
* Nine pre-set temperatures for various foods, and five doneness levels — or, customize temps to your own taste.

Made by Taylor Gourmet, the wireless thermometer with remove pager includes four AAA batteries. The base includes stand, clip, and magnets. For further information, visit Taylor online.