Yemen Mocha Coffee Beans

Yemen Mocha Coffee Beans


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One of the world’s oldest and most famous coffees – our Yemen Mocha Coffee Beans.

Our Yemen Mocha Coffee Beans are reputed to be one of the world’s greatest, uniquely delicious coffees. Originating in Yemen, these beans are cultivated in much the same way as they were centuries ago. The plants are grown on terraced farms that have been carved out of hillsides. Irrigation systems are constructed so that the trees have constant, controlled moisture. Because of the hot, dry growing conditions, the bean is small and hard. It remains on the plant until it is dried, creating a bean that yields a wonderful brew that offers a heavy body and wonderful complexity. It’s worth nothing that the word ‘Mocha’ in the name of this coffee bean should not suggest a chocolate flavor – a common misunderstanding. Rather, Mocha is the name of the port in Yemen on the Red Sea from which these coffee beans were once shipped. Price shown for Yemen Mocha Coffee Beans is per pound. As with all of our coffees, you get a full pound. We even allow 3/8 oz. for the bag!