September is National Wine Month!

Happy Wine Month to all! Did you know that there are people who spend their lives and livelihoods waiting for September when the grape harvest is in full swing? I went on a wine tour recently and learned a great deal about the growing process. Just like coffee growers, grape growers need to pay particular attention to growing conditions for their crop. For grapes, rocky soils that provide an abundance of important minerals and complex nutrients create unique, great tasting wines. And sun, lot of sun. On our tour, our host provided delicious pairings with each wine sample. We often think about a particular wine being paired with a particular dish. Rather than a meal, per se, our host emphasized pairing with a simple dish that highlighted certain herbs. A dry Riesling paired with thyme or tarragon or mint; a chardonnay with cilantro or dill; a pinot noir with rosemary or sage. It was sensational! I hope you’ll take the opportunity to visit your local winery and check out the varieties they showcase in this season of the grape. In the meantime, we thought September might be a good time to put our wine accessories on sale – maybe for some early Christmas shopping for the wine lover on your list!