Aebleskiver Pan


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Aebleskiver is a national dish of Denmark which is enjoyed on holidays and throughout the long winter months.  The puffy, golden brown, rounded breakfast cakes are made in this specialty cast iron pan.

First, you place bits of butter in the depressions.  In goes a dollop of cardamom-flavored batter . A small sliver of apple (aebleskiver) or a small amount of loganberry preserve is sunk in each center.  Add more batter. Use a chopstick to roll them around into perfect brown spheres.  Traditionally, aebelskivers are served with applesauce or apple butter or maple syrup, fruit preserves, with powdered sugar and whipped cream on the side.  Hot spiced red wine may also accompany the apple dumplings.  So good, you can't eat just one or two or three.  Also called a munk pan, the 9-1/4″ cast iron aebleskiver pan has seven cups that are 1-1/8″ deep.  Boxed with a recipe.  Requires assembly of the wooden handle to the body.